Other Comming Events


Events Planned for 2007                                                     
X-Mission November 17th 2006                              

UFC 65 November 18th 2006                                                      

Real Rhythm November 18th 2006                     
Club Deep November 19th 2006                    
ZST November 23rd 2006                               
K1 World Max Stockholm November 24th 2006
Cage Force 1 November 25th 2006                                     
Shooto November 26th 2006                                             
Smack Girl November 29th 2006                                            
Shooto November 30th 2006                                                  
Unstoppable December 1st 2006                           

K-1 World Grand Prix Finals December 2nd 2006              

StrikeForce December 8th 2006                              
WFA 'King of the Streets' - USA vs. Brazil December 9th 2006
Club Deep December 9th 2006                          
Pancrase Dcemeber 2nd 2006                                             

Shooto December 2nd 2006                                                


Pancrase December 10th 2006                           


Cage Rage 19 Fearless December 9th 2006                       

IFL Finals December 29th 2006                                               

Liddell vs Ortiz 2 December 30th 2006                

Dynamite December 31st 2006                                             



K-1 Events 2006                                                           


Boxing Events Oct to Dec 2006                               





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2006-11-25K-1 WORLD GRAND PRIX 2006 FINALK-1 World GP
2006-09-30K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in OsakaK-1 World GP
2006-08-14K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Las Vegas IIK-1 World GP
2006-07-30K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in SapporoK-1 World GP
2006-06-03K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in SeoulK-1 World GP
2006-05-13K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in AmsterdamK-1 World GP
2006-04-29K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in Las VegasK-1 World GP
2006-03-05K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 in AucklandK-1 World GP

2006-09-16K-1 Khan 2006 in SeoulK-1 MAX
2006-09-04K-1 World Max 2006 Champions' ChallengeK-1 MAX
2006-06-30K-1 World Max 2006 World Tournament FinalK-1 MAX
2006-04-05K-1 World Max 2006 World Tournament OpenK-1 MAX
2006-03-26K-1 Holland Max 2006K-1 MAX
2006-03-10K-1 Lithuania Max 2006K-1 MAX
2006-02-25K-1 Khan 2006 in BusanK-1 MAX
2006-02-04K-1 Japan MAX 2006K-1 MAX

2006-09-16Fight Night MannheimK-1 Rules
2006-09-16K-1 Kings of Oceania 2006 Round 2K-1 Rules
2006-08-05Rumble on the BeachK-1 Rules
2006-05-20K-1 Scandinavia Grand Prix 2006 in StockholmK-1 Rules
2006-04-08K-1 Italy Grand Prix 2006 in MilanK-1 Rules
2006-02-25K-1 Hungary Grand Prix 2006 in BudapestK-1 Rules
2006-02-17K-1 Slovakia Grand Prix 2006 in Bratislava 
2006-01-20K-1 France Grand Prix 2006 in MarseillesK-1 Rules

2006-12-31K-1 Premium 2006 Dynamite!!Hero's
2006-10-09Hero's Middle & Light Heavy Weight World Championship Tournament FINALHero's
2006-08-05Hero's Middle & Light Heavyweight World Championship TournamentHero's
2006-05-03Hero's 5Hero's
2006-03-15Hero's 4Hero's

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