Pancrase December 2 2006

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General Information
Date: 2-Dec-2006
Country: Japan
City: Tokyo
Stadium: Differ Ariake


 Featherweight Bout, 5 min / 2 Rds:

Manabu Inoue (UWF Snakepit Japan)

vs Kenji Shimada (Pancrase P’s Lab Tokyo) shimada.jpg

 Heavyweight Bout, 5 min / 2 Rds: 

Ryuya Mizuno (Japan / U-FILE CAMP)

vs Yasuaki Miura (Japan / Zendo- kai Hiroshima Branch) miuray.jpg

 King of Pancrase Middleweight Title Bout, 5 min / 3 Rds:

Izuru Takeuchi (SK Absolute)

vs Yuichi Nakanishi (Free) nakanishi.jpg

 Featherweight Bout, 5 min / 2 Rds:

Yukito (U-File

vs Kenta Nakamura (Zendo Kai Hiroshima)



Yuki Yamasawa (Stand)

vs Koji Yoshimoto (AJ Gym)


Shoji (KIBA)

vs Aramaki Taku (Pancrase P's Lab)


kono.jpg Masayuki Kono (Free) vs Mu Bae Choi (Team Tackle)

wada.jpg Takuya Wada (SK Absolute) vs Yoshida Tadasuke (Wajyutsu Keisyukai A-3)


Takafumi Ito

vs Eriya Matsuda (Free) matsuda.jpg



Masahiro Toryu (Pancraseism)

vs Nobuhiro Tsurumaki (Free) tsurumaki.jpg 




Announced Participants




Yukio Sakaguchi (Sakaguchi Dojo)

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